What I Do

I’m a reporter, editor and host with 20 years experience in Australia and the United States. I’ve held senior positions at Channel 10, The Source Magazine, Daily Mail, SiriusXM Radio, DrJays.com and founded and edited Australia’s most successful Hip-Hop magazine, Urban Hitz, when I was 23 years old. I’ve worked across print, radio, TV and digital arms of media and have been an active mentor for young women since the beginning of my career.

Debut #GetInTheGame Live Event: January 2020

Today marks exactly one year since I hosted (and organised) my first live #GetInTheGame event. The sold-out seminar featured a

IWD 2020 Panel: ‘Women Changing The World’

On International Women’s Day this year, I spoke at a ‘Women Changing The World’ event organised by tech start-up incubator

Step Forward: Vision Board Workshop [March 2018]

STEP FORWARD Vision Board Workshop, Sydney Australia Grab your girls and let’s celebrate Women’s History Month! Are you in need

Catch Up On The Latest Episodes Of ‘The Bridge’ Podcast

Life comes at you fast, doesn’t it! I haven’t had a chance to post the past six episodes of our

Episode 7 Of The Bridge Podcast: Getting Stronger

Episode 5 of The Bridge podcast is now live! Myself and Nate Wade chop it up about: -Is yet *another*

Episode 6 Of The Bridge Podcast: All For One, One For All

Episode 6 of The Bridge is now live! Myself and Nate Wade chop it up about hot topics: -The recent

Episode 5 Of The Bridge Podcast: “Talk That Talk”

Episode 5 of The Bridge podcast is now live! Myself and Nate Wade chop it up about: -The meaning behind

Episodes 3 and 4 Of The Bridge Podcast

During Episodes 3 and 4 of The Bridge podcast, Simone and Nate cover a wide variety of topics including: -Repeal

Episode 2 Of The Bridge Podcast: Sexual Healing

On the latest episode of The Bridge, Simone Amelia and Nate Wade chop it up about: -The growing (and interesting)

The Debut Episode Of The Bridge Podcast

What a HELLUVA year it has been. Enduring a serious flare up with my Crohn’s Disease that literally forced me

Talking The Source, Racism In Australia, Hip Hop & More On The Karen Hunter Show, SiriusXM

Yesterday [Monday, March 28] I had the absolute pleasure of stopping by The Karen Hunter Show on the UrbanView channel

Watch: BET’s 2015 Year End Wrap Up Roundtables

Thanks to our wonderful producer Kathy Iandoli and host Tracy G, a group of fellow media personalities and myself sat

Becoming The Editor Of The Source Magazine

A full-circle moment, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a “series of developments that lead back to the original source.” The

Joe Budden Talks “All Love Lost,” VH1’s Couples Therapy, Strip Clubs & More

Joe Budden sat down with DJ Leon Smith and myself (the latter who’s in-studio for the first time from Australia)

Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia Talks Racism In Australia & Being An Expat

Last month (September 2015) I was invited to be part of a keynote panel at the first (and very exciting)

Sharon Carpenter Talks Debut Role In “Empire”

I sat down with Sharon Carpenter on “International Affair” (The Cut Channel, DASH Radio) to talk about her debut in

Let’s Talk About: Chris Brown Coming To Australia

I’m slowly getting the hang of this! Here’s my second social commentary video, this time talking about the Australian government’s

Let’s Talk About: Humanizing Immigration

It’s time for me to bite the bullet and share with the world my heartfelt opinions on issues important to

Meet Paige Young, The UK’s Hottest New Talent

On this week’s “International Affair” (DASH Radio) I caught up with new British artist Paige Young to talk about her

Madchild Talks Battle Axe Warriors, Going Sober, “Drug Rap” & More

Promoting his new album Silver Tongue Devil, Canadian rap veteran Madchild spoke at length with me on International Affair [DASH

Afika NX Talks Being “Other” In America

Afika NX is a North Carolina-born artist of South African heritage who had an incredible interview with me on International

Daye Jack Talks “Soul Glitch” EP

Daye (pronounced Dah-yay) Jack, 19, is a Kenyan-born, Atlanta-raised new artist who recently signed with Warner Music. My guest this

Thank You Bree Newsome, My New She-Ro

Take a moment to let this image sink in. Just yesterday President Barack Obama gave one of the most impassioned

Remembering Racism As A Child

Ah, Gosford. You were a distant memory tucked away in the back of my mind until Elite Daily brought you