Book Review: P.S. Pray The Same For Me


Nothing feels more special than someone achieving clarity in their innermost thoughts and then graciously sharing them with the world, which is what first-time author Marquita Smith has done with P.S. Pray The Same For Me.

As a woman who grew up in a long line of “boss ladies”, the inherent concept of this book struck me immediately. Pray for the females in your family who came before you and ask that they do the same for you. Smith writes P.S. Pray The Same For Me is dedicated to women “willing to reach back and bless prior generations in order to release themselves.” The idea of drawing strength from those who preceded us isn’t a new one, but it’s presented differently here; a somehow mutual exchange between past and present taking place for the betterment of both.

The book’s theme is a journey to healing for Smith after losing her mother and her father within two weeks of each other. The way tragedy and beauty intertwine in our lives jumps out from the first chapter: while the writer is vacationing in Portofino, Italy (“the most breathtaking place I have ever visited in my life”) she receives news her mother has passed after a long battle with cancer. Every chapter thereafter features spiritual poetry from her mother, the late Janet Matthews Moore, coupled with deep, heartfelt and well thought-out prayers from Smith plus a section for the reader to “pray the same for her” with our own prayers (which will take a second to complete, considering Smith covers so much beautiful ground with her words).

A self-reflection tool to keep close by whenever encouragement is needed, P.S. Pray The Same For Me is supported on a digital level with Smith’s site, dedicated to encouraging daily growth and mindfulness.

P.S. Pray The Same For Me will be available from November 21. You can pre-purchase it here.