The Voice’s Prinnie Stevens Debuts Limited Edition Nail Polish Line

Prinnie Stevens is a natural born hustler. The gorgeous Australian pop star (of Tongan and Maltese heritage) is staying busy as she capitalizes on her star turn during The Voice‘s first season in Australia. In between shooting magazine covers, racking up TV time and releasing music with fellow contestant (and longtime friend) Mahalia Barnes, Prinnie has just released her first namesake business venture.

A collaboration with beauty brand Hello Darling, “Prinnie” is a limited edition nail lacquer and art decal kit with three pop shades: “Prinnie’n’Pink” “Hello Yellow” and “Kava,” the latter a tribute to the famous ceremonial Polynesian drink.

“I am so excited to be working with Hello Darling,” Prinnie says. “I have never found the bright nail colors that I wanted so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to create them! I feel that encapsulates the brightness and fun of Aussie summertime.”

“Prinnie” will be available on Hello Darling and select Australian retail outlets from Monday, November 5.