Comedy Central Embraces “Pussy,” Thanks To Amy Schumer


Comedy Central is now a “pussy” safe environment, thanks to Amy Schumer.

According to Jezebel (via Vulture) Schumer and her team were fed up with the word being censored on the network and took action.

Fellow executive producer Dan Powell took up the important cause during season two. “Dan decided that it wasn’t fair that they bleep the word ‘pussy,'” said Amy Schumer. “Because you are allowed to say the word ‘dick’ on Comedy Central,” added [head writer and executive producer Jessi] Klein. At the time, Comedy Central’s standards arm would okay certain anatomical references like “dick” if they weren’t used in reference to sex, but Powell cried gender inequality.

Interesting how female body parts are given much more play on screen than the actual word is. In any case, check out Schumer’s first “pussy” laden skit from her hit show, Inside Amy Schumer.