There’s no harder worker in the Australian entertainment business right now than Prinnie Stevens.

As she celebrates the release of the video for her long-awaited single “Don’t Wake Me Up,” Prinnie’s success is far from an overnight story.

I caught up with Prinnie in Sydney right before she began filming The Voice Australia last year. She’d just been given the run around in America, signing to a girl group whose management then screwed them over financially, sadly losing their major label deal. A longtime friend of mine, Prinnie looked me in the eye and said, “Sis, now that I’m back in Australia I’m going to make every moment count. The Voice will be my platform and I’m going to finally become a star here at home.” And that’s exactly what she did. You can’t turn on a television station or pick up a women’s magazine without seeing Prinnie’s beautiful face smiling out from it nowadays. She’s transformed herself into not only a pop star but an emerging local style icon, with daughter Sania always by her side.

I’d love nothing more than for “Don’t Wake Me Up” to be the beginning of the huge international career Prinnie’s worked so hard for. Check out the video below!


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  1. love ya new video.

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