With their first collaborative mixtape Room 513 released today, rapper Matuse and production duo Bodega Bullies (consisting of DJ Nino Brown and Number One) just dropped the visuals to the set’s breakout track, “Jet Fuel French Vanilla Air.”

The Sydney-based collective (perhaps the non-alliteration of a more localized and familiar name like the “Corner Shop Bullies” deemed it unusable) filmed the video “under a dark bridge in a section of the city where a lot of homeless people stay,” says Matuse.

What’s the idea behind “Jet Fuel French Vanilla Air” and was it inspired by the current wave of similar tracks?
Matuse: “The beat initially attracted me because it had a mix between older, grimy New York hip-hop and a more new sound (unconventional and non-poppy). I had this idea for the term ‘Jet Fuel’ which to me means anything the can influence and motivate you. Water could be your jet fuel ’cause it keeps you going! I didn’t want to just make a “smokers” track and talk about weed; I wanted listeners to interpret for themselves and that’s why I coded the lyrics. Adding the ‘French Vanilla’ was flavor and ‘Air’ is the term we use for smoke.

“I’m a fan of a lot of the new, unorthodox music breaking into the mainstream without being the regular club tracks and if I was going to try to break the mainstream, I’d prefer to do it with something grimy, experimental and still catchy. I feel like I’ve organically gravitated towards these type of tracks ’cause they’ve always appealed to me. That new wave of a similar type of music didn’t influence me to make JFFVA but rather, made me more comfortable with making something like that which I’ve always been attracted to.”

How would you describe Room 513?
Matuse:Room 513 is a mixtape that embodies a collection of experiences (personal, musical, emotional and recreational) of mine living in Bushwick, Brooklyn in apartment 513. I wanted to create a project that spoke about a lot of the things going on for me during 2011-2012 while living between New York and Sydney, and make it relatable. I didn’t care about making it accessible to everyone; I just wanted it to be true and honest.”

Download Room 513 here.

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