"I've known Simone over 20 years. She's one of the most dedicated, consistent, loyal people I've met in my life. She's a conduit who attracts great people to not only network, but become lifelong family. Most importantly, she truly fights for what she believes in and often fights for others who may not have the knowledge or strength to do for self. I'm proud of Simone's continued growth and passion and proud to call her my sister."
Vin Rock
Naughty By Nature
"I've worked with Simone in various capacities: in a busy newsroom and on projects for Media Diversity Australia. Her passion, work ethic, versatility and loyalty is to be commended. She's supportive of her peers, and mentors the next generation. A pleasure to work with and asset to any team."
Antoinette Lattouf
Director, Media Diversity Australia
"Simone is one of the best all-round media consultants I've worked with. She has carved out a unique position as a Radio and TV personality with her ability to speak on various subjects: from important social justice issues, to present and past music topics, to the diversity of pop culture. A savvy businesswoman, Simone has created opportunities not only for herself but also her peers, with her vast network of entertainment and fashion connections in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney."
Lani Richmond
Lani Richmond
Artist Manager, Aloe Blacc
"Simone has a natural inclination for understanding the needs of the audience. This is reflected in how she can package mere pictures and words that not only builds an audience, but maintains it and keeps them involved. Better yet, she can do this with the most fickle audience of all: urban youth. For the major clients I represented, she articulated clear and simple strategies that make her well worth partnering with to achieve your next hit."
Aisea Laungaue
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Anomaly