Will Nicki Minaj ever give us the interview we’re all waiting for?

The world’s most successful female rapper covers Billboard‘s latest issue and while she’s a little more open here than her recent banal GQ feature, no new ground is covered. As long as the photos are pretty, right?

“You should always be competing. You should always be trying to show that you’re the best,” says Nick when speaking on her artistry. It would be phenomenal if she realized being “the best” is multifaceted and not just based on talent alone, and the reason she’s not an even bigger star is because she’s sadly become so guarded and insular.

Artists like Nicki and Kanye West don’t give real interviews anymore. Have you noticed? They’re two of the most interesting stars of our time yet they come to the table with prepared responses and in ‘Ye’s case, barely pay attention to what’s being posed to them. Opening up is never easy, especially if it’s to an audience of millions, but when you stop doing so you lose the real fans who loved you for being real in the first place.

Journalists need to start (respectfully) asking tougher questions and not be afraid of upsetting the artist, while the artist needs to be a little more fearless and honest with their answers. Something for both to keep working toward. Until then, here’s another cute photo. ‘Cause that’s what’s really important, right?


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